Welcome to zkID Login. This Document has two main sections: Guide (to present a overview of zkID Login), API Reference (for developers who want to build with zkID Login).

This is a technical documentation for zkID Login developers. zkID Login is one of the products launched by zCloak Network, which is designed to help users achieve a more explicit, private and fast 'Login Mechanism'. It currently works as a Browser Extension (zkID Wallet), and the process of interaction is very user-friendly.

Users can store any Verifiable Credential that fits the Credential Format Standard in zkID Wallet. These credentials can be accessed with common APIs. Besides, Users can intuitivly see how their data is being used, avoiding user information loss and leakage.

  • You can download the latest version of zkID Wallet at Chrome Web Store.

  • If you encounter any technical problems or have any suggestion, please feel free to talk with us at zCloak Discord.

  • For more information about the relevant news or events, follow our Twitter, Medium, or our Official Website.

  • To find more technical details, please visit our Github.

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