The architecture of zkID-Login essentially consists of two sides (Dapp, zkID Wallet) interacting through some Message Transport System.

zkID Wallet

Users can experience a brand new way of 'Login Mechanism' via zkID Wallet. This is a product that overturns Traditional Internet Thinking by allowing users to login only when their identity meeting some certain KYC Requirements of Service Providers.

Any presentation of data must be authorized by its owner, and the user can select which data to be displayed instead of providing all the details of a credential, which achieves 'prove one's identity with the least data'.


Provider is the RPC-API interface. Developers could invoke the Provider to accomplish zkID Login easily. The Provider contains the API below:

  • provider.isAuth()

    • To query if the authorization is permitted by the User

  • provider.requestAuth()

    • To request for an authorization from the User

  • provider.requestAuthAndLogin()

    • To send request for authorization and request DID login

  • provider.isLocked()

    • To check whether the wallet is locked

  • provider.getCurrentDid()

    • To get the DID information of the current DID

  • provider.didLogin(param)

    • To help the User to login with DID

  • provider.requestCredentialDigest(params)

    • To help the User to login with Credential Digest Disclosure

  • provider.requestCredentialContent(params)

    • To help the User to login with Credential Selective Disclosure and All Credential Content Disclosure

  • ...

For more coding details of the Provider, please check our Github.

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