All errors thrown or returned by the zkID Wallet follow this interface:

export interface RPCErrorInterface {
  code: number;
  message: string;
  meaning?: string;

You can often use the error code property to determine why the invoke of API failed. Common Error Codes and their meaning include:

  • -32801

    • Credential not found The Credential doesn't exist.

  • -32802

    • Credential metadata error Metadata doesn't match.

  • -32700

    • Parse Error An error occurred on the server while parsing the Credential JSON Text.

  • -32600

    • Invalid Request The JSON sent is not a valid Request object.

  • -32601

    • Method not found The method doesn't exist / is not available.

  • -32602

    • Invalid params Invalid method parameters(s).

  • -32603

    • Internal Error Internal JSON-RPC Error.

  • -32010

    • Illegal request The User hasn't give authorization to the website, so this request is illegal.

  • -32001

    • User Reject The User reject this request.

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